About Kids Golf World Championship

First time in Asia, Honoring Little Masters

For the first time being held in Asia after US and Europe, the World Championship is a special opportunity for boys and girls between age 5 years to 18 years old to play in a world competition. Malaysia championed the race among other Asian nation including Japan, Thailand and Australia towards organizing his competition as host to the Kids Golf World Championship. The world championship in US and Europe has demonstrated tremendous success in term of participation, media attention and enhancing the profile of golfing among kids. Malaysia is set to be recognized as a leading golfing destination in the region.

The Prospects of Golfing Industry in Malaysia

  • There are over 250 golf courses in Malaysia.
  • There is an estimate of 400,000 to 500,000 golfers in Malaysia.
  • An average round of golf is played a year is 25 times by 50% of the golfers.
  • Massive promotion by Tourism Ministry on Malaysia as a Golfing Destination (Golf Tourism).
  • A competitive advantage factor is that, Malaysia enjoys one of the cheapest green fees, golf equipment and access to golf in the world.
  • Lots of promotions in the Golfing industry: Tournaments, Golf Magazines, Golf Fellowship, Played by VIPs and VVIPs.
  • More than RM3.5 billion industry that includes property development, airlines, hospitality industry, resort and tour operators, television and sports programming, glossy publications, golf equipment and golf course maintenance suppliers etc.

Rationale in Hosting Kids Golf World Championship

The future of Malaysian Golf industry is Golf Tourism, it has been valued at US$20 billion with over 50 million golf tourists travelling around the world to play on some of the estimated 32,000 courses worldwide. Malaysia has some of the finest courses in Asia. The industry has huge growth potential! Asia and in particular Malaysian golf destinations are competing for the affluent, high-value tourists who generate significantly above-average per capita revenues for the destinations they frequent.

The impact of Golf Tourism centers on three pillars of sustainability - the economy, the environment and society. In the past, golf tourism was encouraged for its economic benefits with little consideration for the effects on the environment and host societies. But this is beginning to change. For golf tourism to be sustainable, it is vital that its impacts are understood, so that they can be incorporated into planning and management.